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Permohonan beasiswa untuk Wikimania 2011 telah dibuka sekarang

Wikimania 2011 Scholarships Program

Wikimania 2011, the 7th annual international conference, is being held on August 4-7, 2011. The venue is in Haifa, Israel. The Wikimedia Foundation is offering a limited number of scholarships to offset the cost of select individuals’ attendance at Wikimania.

Both full and partial scholarships are available for Wikimania 2011:

  • Full scholarships will award round trip travel, dorms accommodations, and registration
  • Partial scholarships will subsidize up to $300 of travel expenses

Goals of the Program

  • To make Wikimania 2011 a successful and productive international conference
  • To support the Wikimedia projects by encouraging participation
  • To enrich the conference with attendance by a diverse group of participants in the Wikimedia movement

About Application for Scholarship

To apply for a “scholarship” to aid in covering expenses for Wikimania 2011 in Haifa, Israel, please submit a completed application form.

Eligibility (who can apply for a scholarship): Any active contributor to a Wikimedia project and/or Wikimedia volunteer in any other capacity, from anywhere in the world, is considered eligible. Participants in other free knowledge, free software, collaborative and/or educational initiatives are also encouraged to apply.

Selection: All applications for scholarship are reviewed by the Scholarships review committee. Criteria for selecting Scholarship recipients were determined by the Scholarships Review Committee in accordance with the goals and focus areas of Wikimania and Wikimedia. See “Scholarship Selection” below for more detail on selection criteria and process.

Deadline for submission: The deadline to apply for the Wikimania 2011 Scholarships Program is January 31, 2011 at 23:59:59 UTC. Applications will not be accepted after this date.

For more information about the Wikimania 2011 Scholarships Program, please visit the Questions & Answers page. Lanjutkan membaca Permohonan beasiswa untuk Wikimania 2011 telah dibuka sekarang